London Guide Standards

London Guide Standards

The London Guide is a general business directory. Information for each business or service is limited to the following;

Business Information

  • Business Name
  • Full address with postal code
  • Business hours (Full hours + general hours: 1 sentence)
  • Business phone number
  • Business email
  • Business website
  • Social network links: Google+, Facebook, Twitter
  • Optional special offer (Westernizer coupon or advertisment. Can be made avaliable to print & redeem)
  • Business profile information: Information may be the same as printed in the London Section of the Westernizer. Limited to 500 characters, ~75 words.

Image Slider

  • 1 logo image (Suggested size: 659×400 px, 72dpi)
  • 1 Exterior building photo (Suggested size: 659×400 px, 72dpi)
  • 3 Interior building photos (Suggested size: 659×400 px, 72dpi)



Information included on the website is to be reflected in the printed edition of the Westernizer. Unless for major updates (new hours, location, website, email, etc…), information may not be updated until annual renewal. To submit initial information, or address any major updates, please email: