About the Westernizer

About the Westernizer

The Westernizer is the official university planner provided free to all undergraduate students at Western University. It is a daily student planner and has been an annual product of the University Students’ Council (USC) for over 30 years, since 1984. The Westernizer is designed as an easy-to-carry and useful tool to help students stay organized and prepared during their academic year.

Size, Coil Binding, & Covers

The Westernizer measures 5 1/2” wide and 8 1/2” high. The front and back covers are full-colour, heavy, high-gloss cardstock with a coil binding that prevents pages from tearing out easily.

Day Planner Section

240 day planner pages, with important and time-senstive information from the Registrar, University Students’ Council, and Western Sports & Recreation are listed at the top corner. The bottom of each page is dedicated to advertising.

Tabbed Dividers

Full-colour, high-gloss cardstock, durable to last all yearlong. Tabbed dividers help students locate specific months in their Westernizer.

Coupon Section

Coupons are full-colour, double-sided, and perforated for easy removal. Options include one, two, three coupons or full-page of four coupons. The better the offer, the higher the redemption rate.

London Guide

In 2011-12, *77% of first year students are from outside of London & Middlesex (5,090 students). The London Guide in the Westernizer is great for students new to the area as it provides quick access to city information, rental information, transportation, arts & entertainment, restaurants, retail, salons, and medical services. The London Guide highlights all the advertisers in the current Westernizer.

*According to Western’s Office of Institutional Planning & Budgeting